THE OLD WAY Trailer (2023) Nicolas Cage

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17 gün önce

Official The Old Way Movie Trailer 2023 | Subscribe ➤ | Nicolas Cage Movie Trailer | Theaters: 6 Jan 2023 | More
An old gunslinger and his daughter must face the consequences of his past, when the son of a man he murdered years ago arrives to take his revenge.
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The Old Way (2023) is the new action movie starring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Clint Howard.
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@VajrasarGoswami 7 saatler önce
It could either be Keanu or Cage. Love it.
@jeffreyarnold2626 14 gün önce
love westerns, and love Cage. this should be awesome!
@aceofspades856 14 gün önce
Love a good revenge movie, and this one looks good!
@Kashim85 14 gün önce
Looks like a mix between "Lone wolf and cup" and "True Grit"...... i dig it.
@Filme 14 gün önce
Check out the new trailer for THE OLD WAY starring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Clint Howard!
@tony66au 14 gün önce
Nic is back!
@linoladislaus4044 14 gün önce
In Nicolas Cage I believe….am going to watch this one.. looks good….
@carlosdiano 14 gün önce
This looks promising. I hope it’s not like these bad 2022 movies. Goodness gracious the movie industry is suffering.
@user-xx4zc5bc1f 14 gün önce
I see Mr.Nic cage, I click it...
@youme1414 14 gün önce
Welcome back, Nicolas !
@stewarde17 14 gün önce
look good need some new westerns
@knives6683 14 gün önce
Is this the ancestral prequel to Kick Ass? lol
@richconsparartbro4971 Gün önce
Cage is back
@ogsirelean4448 14 gün önce
I feel like ever since Covid. Actors forgot how to act.
@bacce84 14 gün önce
Sehr cool
@aarons8532 14 gün önce
Literally showed the whole film , thats a lil disappointing
@jasonskerrett3826 14 gün önce
John Wick in the West
@Filme 14 gün önce
@thesnailiscoming..5736 14 gün önce
Saw it before.
@cashfreshprince0695 19 saatler önce
Red dead redemption the movie